C O M M I T T E E   C H A I R S  &  M E M B E R S

The Arts
Chairman: Dawn Barnes
Members: Dorothy Kitts and Sandra Smith
Objective: Encourage members to create and contribute to arts education and activities in all communities.

Chairman: Ann Shank
Members: Wendy Nichols, Anne Pendrak, Joan Earman, and Nancy Manley
Objective: Educate members about the importance and benefits of beautifying their communities.

Chairman: Tanya Cook
Members: Connie Quesenberry, Margaret Hubbard, and Rhonda Burnette
RIFF: Linda Johnson (Secretary/Treasurer), Tanya Cook (Chair/Book Master)
Objective: Promote commitment to lifelong learning by encouraging members and other to foster and support educational opportunities in their communities.

Home Life/Health
Chairman: Betty Lineberry
Members: Brenda Allen, Doris Lawrence, Anna Hale, and Susan Nunn
Objective: Introduce members and communities to organizations that improve the lives of those in need.

International Outreach
Chairman: Tracy Diaz
Members: Wanda Ingle-Stevens and Melissa Branks
Objective: Educate members and communities about global topics and provide opportunities to support and contribute to world issues.

Public Issues
Chairman: Deirdre McGrath
Members: Betty Getgood and Lori Saltus
Canteen: Deirdre McGrath, Tanya Cook, Nancy Manley, Joan Earman, and Neoma Hall
Objective: Educate members and others about the importance of active citizenship, and encourage participation in related activities.

Ways and Means
Co-Chairs: Pat Harris, Vendors and Finance / Sally Truslow, Logistics
Members: Rhonda Burnette, Tracy Diaz, Margaret Hubbard, Wanda Ingle-Stevens, Doris Lawrence, Susan Leonard, Deirdre McGrath and Nancy Manley

Publicity (Arts & Crafts)
Tracy Diaz and Deidre McGrath

S P E C I A L  C O M M I T T E E S

Lynn Carden

Budget Committee
Rhonda Burnette, Pat Harris, Barbara Spangler, Lynn Carden, Wanda Ingle-Stevens, and Sally Truslow

Connie Quesenberry

Ann Shank
Deidre McGrath


Nancy Manley

Public Relations
Linda Johnson

Tracy Diaz, Susan Leonard, and Rhonda Burnette

Wanda Ingle-Stevens

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